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Helping Leaders Achieve the Grander Vision

Many leaders find themselves at crossroad moments where the desire for the grander vision is awakened.  In these moments the leaders are faced with an invitation. They can stay in the familiar, but the familiar isn’t satisfying like it use to.  The familiar is comfortable, predictable, but the status quo doesn’t leave them with a fully alive heart at the end of the day.  They know there is more. Something has awakened inside of them to align their life with the grander vision.

I partner with leaders to achieve a grander vision for their life, moving from success to significance.  I help leaders integrate their personal and professional worlds as an authentic self living with vision clarity and a deep sense of purpose. As a partner I guide leaders through a step-by-step process to listen to their life story, discover their God-designed DNA, and clarify the compelling vision forward.

The result is a fully alive leader, who is bringing their best self to their relationships, roles and responsibilities. Leading with clarity and conviction, they are servant leaders who empower and build up the individuals they have the privilege to lead.  Moving from success to significance, they understand the things that matter most in this life and align their scorecard for their desired legacy.   We call this the grander vision and we help leaders design and act to accomplish it.  

The Life Vision and Purpose Coaching Process:​

  • Preparing for the Journey: Setting the partnership up for success
  • Session 1: Mapping Your Life Story
  • Session 2: Writing Your Life Chapters
  • Session 3: High Contribution Zone Strengths & Personality
  • Session 4: High Contribution Zone Passion and Experiences 
  • Session 5: Purpose Statement
  • Session 6: Life Compass
  • Session 7: Life Vision Long-term
  • Session 8: Life Vision Near-term
  • Session 9: Putting the Plan in Place Barriers and Priorities
  • Session 10: Putting the Plan in Place Self Leadership
  • Session 11: Looking Back, Looking Forward

Are you ready to begin a life transforming journey to discover and align with your grander life vision?

life vision2

Life Wheel Assessment

This tool helps leaders assess the various aspects of their lives to gain perspective and identify areas that need focus.  In the push and pull of daily leadership and the demands of life it is easy to lose perspective.  By taking time to gain altitude, we can see more clearly strengths to celebrate and weaknesses to strengthen.  A tool like this is powerful because it creates a visual that contrasts life categories quickly. 

Refuel Your Leadership

Designing a replenishment cycle is critical to fueling a leader’s motivation, energy, and passion needed to sustain their calling.  Fueling our calling, vision, and legacy requires a an intentional game plan that is unique to each leader.  A well crafted replenishment cycle impacts the leader’s performance and potential in all spheres of life.  Click here for self-care audio content.

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