Derailing Your Leadership

Derailing Your Leadership

These 18 derailers developed by Dr. Reldan Nadler are insightful for helping high performing leaders identify sabotaging actions that undermine leadership potential and performance.

“1. Smartest Person in the room syndrome- Have to be right all the time, married to your own ideas and are not open or distrusts new ideas

2. Lack of Impulse control – Emotionally reactive, volatile, abrasive and follow urges to an unhealthy extreme

3. Drives others too hard – Micromanage and take over rather than delegate

4. Perfectionism – Sets unrealistic goals, Reject criticism

5. Defensive – Blame others, inflexible and are argumentative

6. Risk averse – Lacks courage to take risks

7. Failure to learn from mistakes – Same kind of mistakes show up

8. Lacks insight into others – Can’t read others emotions or reactions

9. Doesn’t ask for feedback – Miss opportunities to include others for better decisions

10. Self-promotion- Attention seeking, overlook others accomplishments for own recognition

11. Lack of Integrity – “Unhonest” with self and then others, omit and minimize

12. Fail to adapt to cultural differences – Do not change your leadership style appropriately

13. Indirect with others – Do not give the hard feedback or make the difficult decisions about people

14. Approval dependent – Need too much approval before making decisions

15. Eccentricity – Unpredictable and odd in your behavior

16. Mistreats others – Callous, demeaning or discounting to others and their needs

17. Self-Interest – Acts in self-interest instead of the interest of the whole organization or larger group

18. Insular – Disregard of health and welfare of group outside the responsibility of your organization or team”

Derailers referened from Leading with Emotional Intelligence assessment