How Clear is Your Life Vision?

How Clear is Your Life Vision?

A few weeks ago I had one of those moments where you can’t figure out the right combination of temperatures and dials to get your windshield to unfog. If you’v ever had one of those moments you know the frustration as you try to keep the car moving in the right direction or find a safe spot to pull over until you can see again.

Life can be a lot like those moments.

Pain, change, fear, opportunity, wounds, successes, closed doors and confusion all are elements that can lead to our windshield fogging. One of the biggest challenges is simply busyness and an unhelpful pace with no room for reflection. The windshield is fogged, what use to be clear is murky, what was unclear is now a total snowstorm.

I have also had those moments where you are driving through the mountains and are looking out the windshield taking in a panoramic picture. When we can see clearly through our windshield, we rarely notice it. Instead we are forward focused, fully present in the moment, but also aware of where we are heading. We start with the end in mind, aligning our direction with the end trajectory we’ve set.

How clear is your windshield?

If you find yours is foggy in this season,

  • What can you do to increase clarity?
  • What would it look like to engage intentional times of reflection on your forward vision?
  • Who can support and partner with you on this?

If you find your life vision is clear,

  • What is giving you clarity?
  • What practices are supporting your clarity?
  • How can you continue to nurture your passion and motivation to sustain into the future?
  • What are you learning about yourself that can guide you forward?

Life vision clarity empowers well-being, motivation and meaningful action.