4 Keys to Success for Life Planning Session

4 Keys to Success for Life Planning Session

Life Planning may seem like a simple enough process, until you jump in and realize the waters are pretty deep. It is easy to to lose momentum or lack clarity once you jump into a life planning session. Below are four keys to success as you consider your life planning:

4 Keys to Success:

1. Conducive, life giving environment

If you have unlimited resources, where would you go for your life planning? The mountains, a cabin in the woods, a beach, or a downtown center? To each their own. Think about the type of environment that will not only enable your focus but also empower your heart being fully engaged. If the resources are lacking, recreate whatever elements you can. i.e. If you love the outdoors, engage a hike on a local trail if you can’t get to the mountains.

2. Structured plan & process

This is the critical component, and this is why I coach the life vision and purpose process. Having someone else ask powerful questions, listen for alignment, pay attention to your energy peaks and conflicted places is hard to do for ourselves, regardless of our level of self awareness. Define a step-by-step plan and process before you begin.

3. Mix of rest, refreshment, & deep think time

One option on life planning is to split up the sessions over a course of weeks or months. A second option is to do 1-2 day retreat and pack it in. There are benefits to both. It is important if you are going for the 1-2 day marathon to make sure you are building in time for your mind to rest, to reset your creativity, to energize your physiology and refuel. This can be a nap, an aerobic activity, or a meaningful experience. The important factors are relaxing the mind, refueling energy, and recovering the output.

4. Clear outcomes with grace

Heading into the life planning journey with clear outcomes identified helps to ensure traction, focus, and progress. Holding those outcomes open-handed and giving grace to oneself in the process allows for the life planning approach to be the dance it needs to be. The life planning process is a spiral journey of increased clarity, conviction and commitment.

I will define success in this planning process by_______________________________

Exercise: What I need to be in my best place during this life-planning session is: