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Finding North Leadership was born out of a pain point in Brian’s story that led to a purpose point.  A season of significant adversity forced him to get clear about who he was, how he was wired and what God put him on this earth to do.

This led to a clarity of purpose to harness passions and strengths in the areas of resource creation, coaching, leadership development and strategy.  It has been an extraordinary privilege to serve clients and teams in government, business, and non-profit.

He brings management and executive perspective from his experience as an executive pastor and executive coach, as well as from his role as the director of a leadership institute at a private investment firm. He has the privilege of coaching leaders across sectors as a previously ICF certified coach (ACC, International Coaching Federation). 

He holds an MBA, an M.A. in Organizational Leadership and an M.A. in Christian Ministry and Leadership .  He also completed a graduate certificate in Strategic Management from Michigan State University. He is also a Korn Ferry certified Leadership Architect and is a Certified Behavioral Analyst by TTI Success Insights.  In addition he is a certified StratOP facilitator and is a certified Professional Leadership Coach by PCCI.  He is the author of three books on leadership. Brian is a committed coffee drinker who is in constant pursuit of the perfect cup.

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