1. Life Wheel Assessment

Take stock of your life with this tool to get a clearer picture of alignment.

2. Planning Your Ideal Week Audio

This audio track explains the what, why and how of planning your ideal week.

3. Planning Your Ideal Week Word Template

4. Four Helpful Lists Template

Four helpful list template looks at what is right, what is wrong, what is confused and what is missing in this season of your life.

5. Five Factors of Self Leadership Audio

This audio file explores 5 key characteristics of self leadership.

6. Planning Your Replenishment Cycle Audio

Designing an intentional replenishment cycle ensures we have the “gas” in the tank to pursue our purpose and life vision.

7. Replenishment Cycle Template

Every leader needs a recovery and replenishment cycle to fuel their vision, values and goals.

8. Launch into Your Day Audio

This session explores the importance of launching into our day and designing the right rhythms, routines and rituals that empower our life vision, values, and purpose.

9. Discover Your Zone

Identify how your experiences, passions, strengths and temperament can make a positive impact in the world. 

10. Four Question Clarity Template

Create clarity, navigate crossroads and live your best life by saying yes to the opportunities and invitations that align to your vision, values, strengths and guiding beliefs.   

11. Mapping Your Life Story Template

12. 30 Day Emotional Intelligence Journal

13. Reflection Template

Why Every Leader Needs a Compass Audio