Life Planning


A. Keys to Success:

  • Conducive, life giving environment
  • Structured Plan & Process
  • Mix of rest, Refreshment, deep think time
  • Clear outcomes with grace

B. What I need to be in my best place during this planning time is:


C. Possible Structure:

  1. Connect with Lord: tune heart devotionally, song, …etc.
  2. Look Back: Write your life as if chapters in a book Identify key themes and insights
  3. Look In: Utilize key discover your zone template to think about your larger life callings
  4. Take Stock: Use life wheel tool to analyze your life currently.
    1. Also, could use the What’s Right, What’s Wrong, What’s Confused, What’s Missing in addition to take stock
  5. Look Forward:
    1. Pick age in future and envision ideal, writing a present tense vision statement for categories including: Spiritual, family (could break out marriage and parenting if desired), finances, personal growth, service and impact on others, health, fun and recreation…etc. What will emerge will be a long-term life vision with 7-10 categories.  This is an anchor to the shorter-term life planning utilizing the Develop Your Life Plan Vision Tool
    2. Use Develop Your Life Plan Tool to zoom back to the present and walk through the steps to identify your key life accounts and vision statements
    3. Could end with replenishment cycle if desired


D. Operationalizing Life Plan:

  • Which life account area will you focus on now, with greatest priority?
  • What accountability or support do you need to make progress in this area?
  • What obstacles would hold you back from moving forward towards your life vision?
  • Where can you post your life plan to keep it in front of you on a daily/weekly rhythm?