Life Planning: Living By Design Experience

The Life Planning Journey

Life planning is a journey to discover, envision, and align your life with the things that matter most.  We practice intentionality with finances, careers, and other important aspects of our life, but often we don’t apply the same focus and investment across our larger life vision.  The life planning process helps ensure when we get to the end of our life, that we lived and invested in the things that mattered most. The days can be long but the years are fast. Life planning leads us to steward our lives to their fullness, so we can run our race on point, with purpose, across our roles, relationships, and responsibilities. 

Session Overview

  • Session 1: Tracing the Threads of our Story
  • Session 2: High Contribution Zone
  • Session 3: Purpose Statement
  • Session 4: Vision Statement
  • Session 5: Plan on a Page
  • Session 6: Charting the Path Ahead

Meet Your Guides


My mission is to coach and encourage others in their faithful and purposeful living.  I’m passionate abut helping people discover and cultivate their unique potential.  For more than a decade, I have had the privilege of serving, leading, ministering to and helping people grow.  In addition to life, leadership, and career coaching, my experience includes leadership and management within the private business sector, federal government, and as an officer in the United States Navy.  Within the church, I have been blessed to serve in various lay-leader roles and currently serve as an elder within my local congregation. Steve is an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation, and a Certified Professional Life Coach (CPLC) trained through the Professional Christian Coaching Institute.


Brian seeks to be a blessing in the world by empowering leaders to bring their best self to their life and work. He brings management and executive perspective from his experience as the Director of the KCLI Leadership Institute, Executive Coach, & Executive Pastor. He has the privilege of coaching leaders across sectors as a previously ICF certified coach (ACC, International Coaching Federation). He holds an MBA, an M.A. in Organizational Leadership and an M.A. in Christian Ministry and Leadership. He is a Korn Ferry certified Leadership Architect, is a Certified Behavioral Analyst by TTI Success Insights, and a certified Professional Leadership & Life Coach by Professional Christian Coaching Institute. Brian resides in Missouri with his wife and two sons. 

Session Assignments and Exercises

Prework for Session 1

Introduction: Overview of pre-work for session 1 exercises

Life Wheel: Utilize this tool to evaluate key life accounts visually

4 Helpful Lists: Utilize these four categories to evalaute your life

Short Read: What Bible says about Goal Setting

Session 1 Homework

Introduction: Overview of Session 1 exercises

Mapping Your Life Story Exercise WORD Version:

Mapping Your Life Story Exercise Excel Version:

Life Story in Chapters: Writing your life story as book chapters

Session 2 Homework

Introduction: Overview of Session 2 exercises

Discovering Your Zone: Discovering your unique DNA

Session 3 Homework

Introduction: Overview of Life Purpose Exercises

Living on Purpose: How are you called to glorified God uniquely?

Writing Your Purpose Statement: What’s Your Why?

Session 4 Homework

Introduction: Overview of Session 4 exercise

Crafting Your Life Vision Statements: Where are you Going?

Session 5 Homework

Introduction: Overview of Session 5 exercise

Plan on Page: Bringing It All Together for Launch

Session 6 Homework

Introduction: The Journey Begins 

30 Day Sprint: Translating insights into Prioritized Action

Planning Your Ideal Week Audio: 

Planning Your Ideal Week: Aligning your day-to-day to vision

30 Day Sprint Coaching Session

30 days after the process completes you will have a 30 minute 1v1 coaching session with one of the life planning guides to support your traction and application of the life planning process.